BlackHole File Transfer- faster than dropbox! Blockchain-based file transfer. Designed for everyday use.


BlackHole 1.0 , a platform for fast and private file transfer that works over blockchain technology.

As we keep hearing about data breach news of big companies like Dropbox or WhatsApp, it is harder for us to keep trusting them with our file and personal data, and it made us think about finding a better way. We think the best way to keep data secure is not having them in the first place. That’s why we choose the server-less solution, in other word, blockchain.

The most challenging part for us was designing a blockchain app that doesn't look like a blockchain app! We wanted to make the transition from centralized to decentralized solution as smoothly as possible. That is where Blockstack comes in to help us with a secure and decentralized authentication service, working on Bitcoin blockchain.

BlackHole is a fully native app – no clunky Node.js –; as a result, it has so much less system usage (10MB of ram!) and great user experience. Being native also provides multiple layers of encryption with excellent performance. BlackHole lives in your menu bar and lets you send files with only one click.

Your shared file split into parts, encrypt, and then upload to a random hub of your choice. It gives you a private share link that plays the role of a key. No one can access the file without this link. Unlike traditional centralized services, BlackHole doesn't know about who, whom, what, and where the file shared! That’s the reason we name it BlackHole

Here is where BlackHole shines:

Secure as Crypto Money. Blockchain ,plus industry-standard AES CBC with 256 bits key ,plus PKCS7 padding pattern.

Data streaming. No need to waste time on uploading progress, links are generated and shareable instantly, and receiver can also see how uploading goes!

Designed for everyday use. Press Command/Ctrl + B on any file or folder, you now have a private share link in your clipboard. Hold the Shift key while doing this, and add your defined password as extra protection. If you are a mouse guy, you can drag-n-drop one or more files at the same time into the BlackHole tray icon as an alternative way.

Transfer compression. With the smart compressor along with multipart upload, it can save up to 90% of transfer time.

BlackHole is available for Windows and Mac, and more is on the way. Also, to hold our security claim, we released the source as open to anyone. Take a look at it in GitHub link.
official website:
github source code: 
  • What is BlackHole How much does it cost

 BlackHole is a file transfer application built on top of blockchain for the new internet. You can share any super security file with ease and be sure the data is yours forever. You can use BlackHole for free, with no storage or bandwidth limit, but for files bigger than 512 MB, there is an upcoming PLUS plan. You can signup for PLUS plan news here.
  •  How is BlackHole for everyday use

No need to organize files before sending, select any number of file or folders then upload them right from where they are with Cmd+B (or Ctrl+B if you are on Windows). Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop a file on the tray icon.
  •  Why does decentralization matter


Centralization often means providers are gaining access to your data without you knowing or approving. Decentralization makes that impossible. Read more about it here.
  • Where are my uploaded files

BlackHole encrypt the files and then send them to a random hub in your chooses provider. It came with a free unlimited provider, thanks to Blockstack, but you can change it to your own if you want. No matter what provider you are using, all the files will be encrypted anyway.
  • How do you protect my personal information

BlackHole operates a transparent, secure system based on IPFS and the blockchain. No matter what provider you are using, BlackHole will always encrypt everything using ECIES and AES256. It can only be decrypted by the specific receiving user's private key. And the code base is an open source project hosted on GitHub. You can check it out here.
  • How can I transfer a file with password protection

Press Cmd+Shift+B (or Ctrl+Shift+B if you are on Windows) on any selected file, then BlackHole will pop up and be waiting for your password. Alternatively, you can hold shift and drag-and-drop a file on the tray icon.
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