Lannister- Encrypted personal wealth manager and financial planner


Here are the founder said: what Lannister is and why we built it.
  • Inspiration

We started building Lannister because we needed a way to keep track of our holdings both in crypto and fiat (banks, deposits, savings, etc). It was also fundamental to have security and privacy in mind. No central server that could compromise our identity and financial data.
  • What it does

Lannister allows anyone to keep track of their holdings, follow its progress and easily analyze their distribution. It's simple to use for anyone who wants to take control of their financial life.
  • Unique features

Convenient: crypto and fiat, all-in-one place (supporting now 12 fiat and 2 crypto currencies with more to come)

Secure: runs locally on your phone, supports biometric access, optionally syncs with secure end-to-end encryption and decentralized storage via Blockstack infrastructure

Open: completely open-source (
  • Platforms

We're building Lannister for iOS and web, though only iOS is available at the moment. Both platforms will be able to sync information via Blockstack's infrastructure and keep information securely stored.

Android is also coming in the next months.

  • Future plans

Besides releasing a web version, here's a list of some of the features we're planning:

- Predictions
- Retrospective analysis
- Financial goals and recommendations

Take a look at our roadmap to know more about these:
  • Syncing with Blockstack. Why

Blockstack offers a suite of tools that allows users to have a single universal identity (a combination of username and key) registered directly on Bitcoin’s blockchain. All data associated with that identity stays with it, meaning applications or central authorities do not keep or control access to their data. All files on Blockstack are stored encrypted with users identity key. Data is end-to-end encrypted with this key that only the user holds and therefore it is impossible to decrypt the information stored in each file.
  • Final considerations:

We believe that users should have each day more control over their identity and data. In traditional applications the information and authentication system is closed behind companies’ servers. Today, we're beginning to have a set of tools at our disposal that makes it possible for users to still access their data anywhere without compromising their privacy and security.

With Lannister we're providing a way for users to access and manage all their financial data, in a platform they can trust, that is open-source and secure.

Give it a try and fire away any questions you may have in the comments.
 Lannister official website:
github :
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