Encrypt My Photos-End-to-End Encrypted Photo Storage


Encrypt My Photos official website: https://encryptmyphotos.com/
github: https://github.com/Pierre-Gilles/encryptmyphotos
Key Features

Drag & Drop your pictures to upload them
End-To-End Encryption thanks to Blockstack technology
Delete all files if you want to reset your account


Encrypt My Photos is fully open-source and use open-source dependencies:

Blockstack for authentication and storage.
Preact as front-end library. It's a tiny version of React with the same API.
Preact-router for app routing.
immutability-helper to mutate a copy of data without changing the original source

  • What is Encrypt My Photos

Encrypt my Photos is an app which allows you to store pictures in the cloud (like Google Photos), but in a privacy-friendly and decentralized way thanks to Blockstack technology.
  • Can I delete my data

Yes. If you wish to start again and clean your account, you can wipe all pictures stored.
  • How much storage can I use

We use Blockstack Gaia storage to store files, so there is no limit in the amount of pictures you can upload. It's unlimited!
  • Is it really free

Yes! Encrypt My Photos is sponsored by Blockstack App Mining challenge, therefore we don't charge our user and the app remains free to use!
  • Why do I need to create a Blockstack account

As we use Blockstack technology to store pictures, you need to create an account on their platform to use Gaia storage. You can read more on their website about how their technology works.
  • What is different from Google Photos or other alternative

Both products allows users to store pictures online, but our technology is completely different. We respect the privacy of our users by encrypting their picture before storing them online. It means that if you store pictures in our app, you and only you will be able to see them. We won't even know that you are storing pictures on our platform, because we don't have any centralized database.
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