How to let you own local computer out of government spy and censorship from isp companies

1. go to to check out, you will find two buttons in the middle of the screen. one is the standard model, the other is the extended test. Ok, let us click the standard model first. At the same time, you don’t need to use the VPN network. if you see your isp name on it(e.g. China Telecom,China Unicom,verizon, sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, etc),  that means you are recorded by these companies, and the local government would ask them for users’ data illegally. Now we need to go to modify our DNS record on our own computer 

After you modified, you can test your network on again, and you would find, your records like these.[/img] 

cool, now, you can enjoy your fun on the internet, if you always use tor browser and vpn, that would be better get out of the spies of governments and devil eyes.
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