Firefox private network deployment tutorial without ip limitation.100% free ,20190928


how to install firefox private network vpn when you outside of USA

Step by step tutorial:

1. Go to Download the latest Firefox browser,install it into your computer.

2. Download the cracked Firefox vpn(private network) xpi file from here,and save it on your local computer . ... 9468a
Another download link( password:2019): ... VzN9A
3. Open Firefox ,Click the Firefox “tool” button which on the top of your computer screen ,select “add-ons” option ,then you will go to the extension installation webpage. 

4. Drag that xpi file and drop to that area, and you would see an installation window pops up. Click “add it”

5. Then you would see a grey button like a map icon on the top-right of your Firefox browser,click it,login your Firefox id now, if you don’t have a Firefox id, you would have to register it first.

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