how to register blockstack id and get free 1 dollar bitcoin.step by stey tutorial with images for begnners

how to register blockstack id and get free 1 dollar bitcoin.
blockstack id just like google outh and twitter outh , it has over 6k upvotes on github. Thousands of developers use it developing dapp. Thre are two benefits for using blockstack id:
  1. you won’t need to use your own email address or phone number to register or log in a new website, the password is stored in your local computer, you don’t need to remember your password anymore.
2. Developer can save lots of time to write codes for user id logic parts. The API is much simpler than google outh.No one can block or delete your id.
First,we should click their official website:

From here, we can see some messages that we may have about 1 dollar free bitcoins, I tried it, if you use phone number from NYC or China, you cannot get through, Japan phone number is valid. When you see images below, you just need to click the purple “next” button.



After you type your name, phone number, we are directed to   I use the Japan phone number, you can try other countries.
So, next, click the purple button “creat new id”

Type your id name,and see it valid or not.

Then you can input your email address for save your recovery key

⚠️Note:Do not share your recovery key to any body, it's like the private key of bitcoin, if you lose your recovery key, you would lose your data and coins!

ok,after you verify your recovery key, the page would prompts you are successfully registered.Now, you can go to:
to check out over 300 decentralized apps and softwares.Or, you can go to, there are lots of latest decentralized apps.
you can check your free bitcoin from here: if you have referral of 10 users, you would get 10 dollars of bitcoins.
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