How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

When I find a niche for my website, I first go to Google, and manually research the words I have in mind. Maybe I will try 3 variations of the keyword until I find one that suits best my needs. Then I narrow down the search results (supply of websites offering similar business as me) to below 30 million websites. If it is more than that, then the keyword for the niche I have chosen will probably be too hard to score high on the search engines. 

Also, I will not want words that will only give me search results below 100K as it indicates very few people are searching about that online and I might risk having a few or no business. 

After I have done these initial steps, I take it further on my favorite keyword research tool - the brainstorm tool from SBI. It does the rest for me. It takes my chosen keyword and brainstorms the web to give me a lot more variations. 

I will then compare demand vs. supply on those keywords to estimate my profitability level for the business. Then I will create my site blueprint based on the keywords and start building my site.

This same system that has this brainstorm tool, is also a site builder by the way, and I can build my entire site in it, and even audit each web page before they are published online. 

I particularly like the system because within it, I get many tools and essentially everything I really need to run my business. 

It is pretty slick, and in case anyone is interested, if you go to the link provided, you will see how to get access to FREE video case studies of sites built with this system to see how they built their online businesses around it:
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