google my business management in Johannesburg South Africa|$10 = I will optimise existing GMB Google my business page according to Google Guides

I will setup a Google My Business listing for your business or website. Not Instant Verification.
Why should you set up your google my business? Check out this video.

Google My Business Page Creation & Optimisation
Business Directory Submissions Local Business Listings / Citations
Page Duplication Issue
Merge Goo-gle Brand Pages
Bad Feedback Removal Services available
Bulk Goo-gle my Business Page Setup and Verification

Local SEO & Ranking
GMB Page Verification with postal card
Go-ogle 3 Maps Pack Rank - we will rank you higher, place you in the 3 maps box

Posts: Get 3 to 5 new search customers this week, just by showing them the top benefits of what you do, and they will gravitate towards your business. And at the very least, pick up the phone to call you to get sold, or walk into your shop for your floor team to close them.

Point here is with the local competition being so fierce, you do not want to ignore Google Posts, because your competitors are not, and they are pulling in all the local customers who are searching for the things you offer.If you’re not active in this space, you are basically handing money over to your direct competitor.
Pay Tips 13-06-20


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