Nigeria dropshipping|We can offer repacking service to meet your requirement in Nigeria


For certain customers, they prefer repacking very much.
We can offer repacking service to meet your requirement, so as to you can directly put them inside your FBA store for delivering.

1. Change product label.
2. Redesign the package, make it just fit for your product.
3. Change inner package, make it more popular
4. Adhere your own bar code, easy for you to sell.
5. Make and paste your product serial number.

Designing artwork for advertisement, boost your market, make your product become bestselling. Our professional designer can redesign you product as per your requirement.
Making your own brand, we provide logo, label, hanging tags and barcode service if you require.
If you want to change the package of your products, we can offer repacking services too, e.g. cartons, inner boxes, logos, barcodes, and even make wooden pallets as per your requirement. But the re-packing is chargeable as a separate cost and it depends on quality of service.
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