DNR Turkish Restaurant Accra, Ghana

Tel: (+233) 0302 544 244, ( +233) 0200 290 823
Complaint Tel: 0502006006
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Everyday,From 10:00am - 10:00pm
Store Address︰Lagos Avenue. East Legon. Accra, Ghana. 
Recommend Reason:traditional Turkish cuisine
Restaurant Tags:Halal Restaurants in Accra|Turkish Restaurants in Accra|Kebab Restaurants in Accra
Recommended:Kebab+Free DELIVERY

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Store History:

DNR Turkish Restaurant is a partnership between Zekeriya Kizilova and Ugur Daler founded in 2010. In 1968 Mr. Zekeriya moved to Karabuk city, in 1984 he opened Hayat Pide Kebab Restaurant in Ankara. 1992 he opened Murat Pide Kebab Restaurant in Ankara. 2010, he opened DNR Turkish Cafe and Restaurant. Mr. Ugur Daler academically completed SHS in Electronics in the year 1993, he did his telecommunications and wireless systems at the university in 1995. He was Managing Director at the Murat Pide kebap Restaurant in 2007 and now with DNR Turkish Restaurant in 2010.

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