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As of the past month, the team at Primeware had a significant number of requests in developing different mobile applications. As much as we love to craft apps from ideation to an actual tangible product, we noticed a similar pattern in majority of the requests.

The more we got to know what the project was about ( The scope, budget, Operational Milestones, Architect Milestones ). We came to realize that the majority of the request had the following theories attached on mobile applications :

“ This is just a one time thing. We build an app & once it’s done, we call it a day. “
“ Let’s just build it, the customers will come.”
“ Of course we expect a hard start & a bit failure at first but with time everything will be as smooth as butter. “

With the so theory, The ideal thought on failure rate while executing the app would be:

However, the actual projections are:

See, with time we will need to introduce changes on the app to either integrate a new technology, fix bugs, introduce new features or simply and most crucial : listen to what the market is requesting. (Think of the evolution of WhatsApp, from basing on multimedia & text only. To allowing voice & video calls, 24 hours media status update, sending documents and other in-app features)

A quick statistics on the world of apps, there are over :

2.8Million apps in the Google play Store
2.2Million in Apple Store
650K+ in Windows store
230K+in Blackberry Store.

What we look at is for the app to not fall in as another statistic. We wouldn’t want you to drain your money for no reason. The reason why it’s called an application, is simply to it that it should have an application into an end user’s way of life one way or the other. So as we converse on a high level, it’s keen to look at things like : Is there an actual crave, an actual need to building the app? How do we make one? Is this a critical move to your business? Is there an alternative approach to your solution? What’s the Opportunity cost?.

This helped some to re-evalute their app theory, strategy and execution before we develop and deploy, some decided we should execute an alternative approach before we develop the app.

However, we must admit that the talks have been really exciting to know that there’s a rise in number of people looking into the digital world & we are definitely looking forward for future talks.
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