KTM TPI Fuel Injected Two Stroke Enduro Bikes


For many, the demise of the two-stroke from road bike application has been something to regret for many reasons. The engine type has been accused of being catastrophic to the environment, not fuel efficient, noisy and so on. It seemed as if the only way we were ever going to get our hands on a two-stroke bike was to go off-road. As of this moment, that is still the case but there is hope. After years of perfecting the technology, KTM has just launched their 2018 range of fuel injected two-strokes which promise to solve all of the problems of emissions and fuel consumption. Would it be too much to hope that we might see the technology transferred to road bikes in the future? Donovan was in Lesotho to try out the new enduro bikes and came away with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
Pay Tips 08-05-19


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