Apple released its 2019 iPad Pro,did someone already have a try?how about the experience?

consideing the ipad mini and ipad pro.No needs for mac air anymore?
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This new one is da sexy bomb baby (like a giant iPhone 5/SE), it's all about the software, stupid, and Apple have once again, for reasons associated with greed, failed to deliver, so it is nothing more than a fancy consumption device and posh sketchpad for creatives away from their Wacom tablets. Please Apple, put an engineer/visionary in charge of your company. Am still buying one anyway because it will be a superb sales tool, and the Graphic app is a great easy to use alternative to Illustrator.


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iPhone 4/5 body design on an iPad. Actually looks beautiful!


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I have my imac... and my phone. And i have a fairly old ipad mini 2nd gen that i should probably trade up for but... i so rarely use it outside of traveling that I just don’t. I have an old laptop but since i got my mac it has mostly been collecting dust. So imo if you have a desktop already... like me... its pretty likely this could replace your laptop because you do most of your work on a desktop and use the ipad as a portable way to carry around your work and do minor edits and etc. but it all just depends on what you do... your lifestyle. I can totally see people who barely need a computer at all just have this and nothing else. Because in my experience the majority of users aren’t your geeky tech savvy types... they’re people who just go on the internet and use word processors and occasionally play app games. And strangely enough, despite the price and power of this ipad being way more than they need, they might get it because they know it will last a very long time through all the updates through the years.


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They are going ahead but the problem is price. Of course.

Caleb - Python

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I was joking about the light bill part and I already have a good pair of bluetooth headphones that I've only used once. I'm just not ready to go wireless just yet, if that makes any sense.

Daryl k

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Not an apple fan but best tablets are made by apple ... android is not even to 50% on apple tablets


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Apple is crazy !!!$$$$ And laughing all the way to the bank, saying no matter what we do, they will still buy our products, no matter what, and we have the youtubers that advertise for us free for invites.


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I'm just so amazed by how quickly and smoothly it can change orientation (coming from a samsung user (I struggle so much with that and sometimes it doesn't even work) )


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Aside from very limited applications, I still don't get the appeal of the iPad and mobile OS tablets in general. No matter what, an iPad still can't replace 100% of what the average person needs a laptop to do. With the price tag on this thing especially, I just don't understand what the appeal is.


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The bezels are huge and they still keep that ancient, outdated UI with icons on the "home screen". It looks ridiculous with those huge icons and massive space inbetween. It's time they develop a proper tablet UI.


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I still don't get iPads or tablets in general. They are good for media consumption and browsing and that's it. It's sad that this thing has so much power and yet it's struggeling to get basic stuff done because the OS and portselection is still as limiting as it was 5 years ago. Why would anyone buy this if you can get a surface and actually get stuff done?


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I literally spoke to Apple concerning the limitations with the new iPad, they informed me that I should use the cloud instead of an HD because it's still not recognizable. I wanted to replace my MBP with this, unfortunately, Apple isn't there yet.

john woods

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I totally agree on almost any point that was made. But judging iPad Pro for not being a 100% replacement to your computer should not be the only perspective here. Because for a lot of folks it's not, at least not implicitly. Even Apple does not thoroughly sell the idea, otherwise it would make no sense to present a MacBook Air alongside. It's a product that has its niche, while broadening the niche ever so slightly with every new release. People needed to explore, what this slate can do for them. People and their usage of iPad will shape the next one, I'm sure. Btw: I'm super excited, since this might be my first iPad ever (after being in the Apple Universe since 1999).


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This iPad isn't even available to average consumers yet and since they won't be in stores until Wednesday and won't be shipped to those who ordered it online until mid-November, of course there aren't many apps yet. Developers haven't had much time with these new machines and they haven't released any new material yet because the market isn't even there to purchase yet. Just wait a little longer until the iPad has been out for a while and I guarantee there will be plenty of apps that can take advantage of all the new features on this new device.


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The iPad is what it is - a tablet. If Apple wanted to run macOS on iPad, they could have done it on day 1 and also run Final Cut Pro, PhotoShop, etc on it. But they did it the right way and created a new category. It is a fun tablet - nothing more, nothing less. If you want an iPad to do what a MacBook can do, it won't give you 10-hour battery. What Apple could do is to make MacBooks into touch devices (and also keep iPad to what it is) so we could have just one device that does it all.


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Put the A12X in the 12" MacBook. Like if you agree!


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iPads have never (and it seems will never) replace a computer, which is crazy because all iPads end up being are “big iPhones”. I do like Apple products and have one of every product they made (not the watch, that’s just ridiculous), but like you I am frustrated by this merely being an expensive toy. Adobe’s future photoshop max definitely piqued my interest as potentially you can finally do art as it always should have been done, but that may end up being its only selling point. Years ago tribes of people asked for OSX on iPad and it never happened. It should have happened.


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apple is too profit focused to add the cost of touchscreens to their laptops. Look at the surface laptops, dell xps 13, mate pro, etc, these have a touchscreen and in many cases cost less than a macbook air and have more ports, some even have dedicated graphics and 4 cores. Apple's greed is holding both the ipad and macbook line ups back from their full potential.


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I realize that Apple winks at us with the implied "as good as a laptop" sales pitch, but I don't think even Apple actually intends anyone to expect that. I personally wouldn't see them as interchangeable if I was looking for a laptop (even if said tablet ran full desktop OS apps) anymore than I would be interested in an iPhone that also has functional parity to a laptop. I don't think most people who plunk down their disposable income on a new iPad do either. To me, the iPad is a small super smart TV/ ultra powerful digital day planner that runs the basic apps (email, web browser, project management, digital personal assistant, ect.) and is an excellent content playback device, plus the added bonus of being a fantastic, portable digital canvas/sketch pad for artists and plays games as well (if you're into that). It does what it does beautifully. If I was looking to do full fledged pro work, I'd still rather have a desktop or laptop to go portable. I consider the iPad to be a 'premium' high end content playing device, not a content creating device. Again, I see it is as the smartest smart TV in the world, sized to sit on your lap, kitchen table, pillow, coffee table, etc.. Is it hella expensive? Hells, yeah. So are Segways and, Can Am Spyders, and the like. They'e great high end gadgets for people who want and can afford special use 'rich folk' toys. I think it's a mistake to compare them to fully functional laptops just as it would be to compare a Segway to Cannondale Super Six, or Can-Am spyder to Honda CBR650F. It's a great (albeit, expensive) tablet. I don't expect it to be a laptop.


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No PiP for YouTube, No WhatsApp, no file system, no downloading files off the internet directly on the ipad, relies on a laptop to xfer 3rd party files via the iTunes/iCloud mess. I love the hardware so much, why are you limiting it like this Apple! It's a pass for me.

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