The Grinch (2018) is just pure magic.What's your Movie Review about it?

The original film is just pure magic. Boris Karloff is an amazing narrator and is untouchable to this day-dare I say it is actually perfect.
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Considering this movie is done by the same studio that did the Minions movie I wouldn't touch this movie with a 39 and a half foot pole.


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I'll stick with the original. I groaned as soon as I saw the first trailer for this one. This obsession Hollywood has with remaking classics is just ridiculous. Paying more to see less interesting versions....


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Favorite Christmas movie without a doubt is ELF. Hands down the best Christmas movie to watch all month of December.


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Well, these are the same people making the Mario animated movie.... Well this will be fun


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What’s sad is that I don’t think Illumination Entertainment is a bad animation studio. However the problem is they keep on using the same tropes; Minion-esque sidekicks and popular music of the time. Sure Dreamworks does similar things to Illumination (especially in their renaissance in the 2000’s), but they at least mix it up with some genuine quality. Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Rise of the Guardians are some films that could even rival Pixar.


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Jim Carrey’s Grinch movie was a bad movie. I recognize that, but I still watch it every year around Christmas. It’s without a doubt a huge guilty pleasure. This new Grinch isn’t even that, it’s just boring.


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This movie was made by Illumination Entertainment, the animation studio known for such CLASSICS such as "Despicable Me", "The Secret Life of Pets", "Sing", and, best of all, "Minions"... Are you kidding me? Of course this movie would be the most boring, uninspired, cheaply-animated, cliche'd, padded-out snore-fest. It's designed specifically to appeal to common tropes in stories (the bad guys isn't really a bad guy, everybody gets a happy ending, etc.) while using cheap animation tricks to lower the cost as much as possible. Anything with the Illumination Entertainment label attached to it is guaranteed to be boring and not make much sense.


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I hate the new grinch move. The grinch is supposed to be nasty and if you look at the new grinch... HE IS NOT NASTY I am very upset with the way the new grinch treats max. The grinch’s whole character arch is him being an ass and then at the end he’s like “I love Christmas along with all The Who’s” and if you put him throughout the movie loving on max it waters down his character and makes him seem friendly ( which I will remind you he is not friendly it says in the song... ) and don’t even get me started on the fucking reindeer what the actual fuck is that I can’t stand it and the reindeer also is going to water down his character it literally does it in the trailer where he lets the reindeer in his bed when I think of the grinch I think of a mean guy who hates Christmas not a fucking nice dude who loves his dog and obese reindeer... but you can throw all of that out of the window because have you seen the new grinch HE LOOKS SO SOFT AND PRETTY THATS NOT HOW I SHOULD BE DESCRIBING THE GRINCH!!! The grinch has yellow teeth and yellow eyes and I don’t see either of those things on this new grinch. Now my favorite grinch is the live action jim carry grinch and to go from that grinch, a grinch who is mean to not only The Who’s but also max, and a reindeerless grinch who is not cute and cuddly, a grinch that is well... grinchy to this new, fluffy, nice grinch who has a FUCKING DRONE THAT CAN HOLD UP A DOG it’s just... despicable. I can’t stand his backstory either it’s common knowledge that the grinch was raised by two lesbian whos but now in this new movie the grinch is an orphan and I didn’t even bother to finish watching that trailer because EVERYONE IS TIRED OF THE WHOLE “oh I’m a Pitiful orphan” spiel it’s been done too much. I could go on for days about how much I hate this grinch. I think illumination studios should stay away from things that are already perfect ( like the grinch and shrek ). Thank you for listening and now I’m very very angry because I thought about how much I hate this new grinch...


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The movie might not be any good but I'm still gonna watch it just for the animation, since I work in animation too I like those things

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