I don't think Citizen Kane is good,What's your reviews about this movie

​I don't think Citizen Kane is the greatest or anywhere close to the greatest film ever made, but I definitely see it as one of the most visually influential. If you try watching a bunch of other movies from 1941, they don't hold up nearly as well, and Citizen Kane's cinematography and shot compositions are surprisingly modern looking. Visually, nothing looked like this movie before and everything started looking like it after.
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Citizen Kane is overrated. If you want a real masterpiece I recommend Nine Lives


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Actually there is no loophole, towards the end of the film the butler said to the reporter that he heard Kane say Rosebud, implying that he was in the room during his death but wasn't shown on camera.


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Citizen kane is a masterpiece. Great lighting, great camera angles and Orsen wells best work both on and off camera. It's a journey about the rise and fall of the mighty business tycoon. Stunning visual story telling and must watch for everyone, whose interested in filmmaking. Yes, it is the greatest movie ever made.


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Citizen Kane is a good movie, def has its moments and very quotable. But i don't think its a good pick for best movie. Other Major Classics, like - Casablanca, The Godfather, Gone with the Wind or Wizard of Oz would be better. Citizen Kane is a good movie for film students to analyze or film critics to go on and on about, but it doesn't have the entertainment value that those other films have. And it Draaaaaaagggs in parts.


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I kind of feel that Citizen Kane was probably the best film ever made WHEN it was released... But that the accolade has just kinda stuck around. It's very good, but only like an 8/10. There have been countless better films since. Welles himself did not think it was the best film ever made.

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