What are the best crypto exchanges of 2019

what are the best crypto exchanges of 2019?while we are still in 2018, it's important to peak into the future and discuss the current options
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Caleb - Python

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I been using EOS decentralized exchanges and is very easy, fast transactions, plus you can use scatter where you don't have to deal with your private key and no sign up needed or give your email away or any private info.,,also if you have different accounts it's very easy to switch accounts around. The purpose of blockchain is to be decentralized so that's why i support those exchanges, cheers!


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Missed Bitstamp, which is one of the old exchanges in the business and it is european. Also Bisq which is one of the best decentralised projects.


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Digitex Feautures Exchange coming up beta 1.01.2019 (0 fees - Ibrid - non custodial wallet) if they can manage volume it will be great)


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openbazaar and bitmarkets


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I like Cobinhood. It’s zero fees, it has margin trading and most importantly it has the candy machine!

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