What's your thoughts of the movie THE HUMBLE SERVANT SEASON 3 - Mercy Johnson 2018

My gracious people we all are welcome to the month of greatness in Jesus name amen
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Kelly Sam

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Note: Don't let haters bring you down. Let your haters become your motivators. Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.


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Lol hope I will not be dreaming about it before morning when I go to bed? If u are also waiting hit the like

christelle Ronnie

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Is it by force to watch this movie.... Why am I worry myself. ..the more I continue to watch. .the more am hurting...I almost hate me phone.... seriously my heart can't take it any more....Damm


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coconut and palm win coconut and palm win lol


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Happy New Month darlings may God grant us our heart desires now and forever ameen

Justice Brown

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As the new month being may God Grant all our hearts desires and favour us in all will do in Jesus name Amen


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I can't wait to see mummy purity give that meaningless human being a dirty slap


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Mercy Johnson the best female actor in nigiria


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So this lady will not change her hairstyle abi! !! Thought the husband takes her to the salon every Saturday


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Okay that our happy new month gift right,God I don't want anything for Christmas.. what I want is to keep me and my family and the person that reading this post alive to see 2019 ..we will cross to 2019 with great things in Jesus name amen


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Finally long waiting interesting powerful movie I wish I was the sister of that boy coz he is not a man enough how can you let your wife behave like that

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