What are the things you wish I knew when you started programming

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Software is about your willingness to sit down and learn something


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* Don't try and learn everything. (get started, and then keep optimizing) 
* All code is garbage. (don't be intimidated) 
* Ends(Project) >> Means(language) [suggestion: JS] 
* DO NOT be afraid to learn.
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For fellow junior developers, building a project like a personal website using React and Django has been far more rewarding than trying to learn everything about a language. As a junior developer (6 months) who has no experience in CS, I spent a lot of my time learning languages, solving coding problems, and learning the Django Framework. At some point I got impatient and decided to use React to build the front end of my first real web project. I'm still building the frontend and learning about React and Bootstrap everyday. I'll be using django for my backend. This is my journey so far.

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