CTO for Adventure Travel Startup at Vemgoo-Cape Town, Berlin · Full Time

Job Description

Vemgoo GmbH is an early stage startup, a community-driven marketplace for adventure activities. We are looking for someone who can build a tech team in Cape Town.

We are offering a friend referral fee of R10,000 for any Senior Dev that stays more than 3 months. :moneybag: 
If you know someone, please mention them.


Are you passionate about disrupting a rapidly changing industry? Do you love to solve complex problems? Are you able to lead a team? Are you excited about working in a startup environment?

Position Summary:

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will be responsible for providing oversight of all technology-based aspects and leading the technical development. The CTO will work on using technology to provide the best possible customer experience, to grow the business and find innovative solutions to business challenges.


Lead Vemgoo.com’s vision and strategy to ensure our technological innovations and accelerate Vemgoo.com’s growth. 
Be an active member of the Vemgoo.com Leadership Team and contribute to company-wide strategy and direction. 
Identifying new relationships to service providers to maximize business opportunities. 
Manage the technological requirements and resources of the company to balance both tactical and strategic demands. 
Demonstrate strong business acumen to identify opportunities where future company-level strategy can be translated into infrastructural/technological requirements. 
Be ahead of the game on the latest industry research and technology innovations and determine how to incorporate into our technology platform/products through experimentation. Includes the ability to make effective decisions about investments in new/emerging areas, and overseeing implementation. 
Deliver security solutions and implement measures to reduce the risks of breaches, protect the customer, partner, and employee data. 
Provide strong leadership and discipline on risk management and compliance while maintaining a culture of innovation and agile delivery. You will be responsible for providing transparency on risk and ensuring service continuity planning. 
Represent and live the Vemgoo.com values and formula both internally and externally. 
Adventure, Focus, Commitment, Compassion, Respect


5 Years + of experience

Experience working with a modern programming language like javascript/kotlin/swift/java/c# etc. 
Knowledge of SOLID principles and/or functional programming paradigms. 
Have worked with GraphQL (frontend, backend, db interop), creating and integrating with them.

Experience working with modern JavaScript/ES6/TypeScript modern frontend frameworks/libraries like reactjs/vuejs/angular etc. 
Experience working with Apollo Client. 
Experience working with Sass/CSS/Less or Styled Components etc.

Experience working with elasticsearch/solr, kafka streams or other message busses, working with SQL/NoSql databases. 
Experience working with Prisma.io

If you are interested, please email to [email protected]
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