Things You Should not Forget about a Live Video Interview

Not only for job seekers but also for any business/official meeting, other than the CV part. Take up these 14 notes before commencing a Skype interview, zoom or which-soever that demands a live video interaction,  ensure you get them covered and, you’re right at the top of the consideration list. This List is culled from a professional.

DON’T forget to:

Test audio and camera.
Elevate your laptop to avoid staring down into the camera.
Dress professionally from at least the waist up.
Position yourself at a desk or table, against a plain, neutral background( best to be recorded behind a white wall so the video won’t look cluttered).
Check the lighting in the room.
Close all other applications on your laptop.
Silence your cell phone, and disable vibration alert.
Have a copy of your CV/Resume at hand. (see how to prepare your CV below)
Attach post-its around the laptop screen with prompts, and the questions you wish to ask the interviewer.
Ban kids, pets and spouses from the room for the duration of the interview.
Have pen and paper at hand.
Have a glass of water next to you.
Always be careful of facial expressions we sometimes don’t realize(be cognizant of hand gestures as well).Read this article on improving calmness
Check the power connections/backups of your laptop computer and mobile phone (Having an alternate internet connection sorted i.e a ready dedicated mobile hotspot internet connection in case of the primary internet connection glitches-up)>>> Read more <<<<
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