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Dear people,

I see quite many posts that people cannot find jobs and etc. There was a time when I had a quite difficult time with money, I had just part time job and and was looking for some freelance opportunities. A few moths ago I was looking for ways how to earn extra - I tried to sell stuff online, to write a blog, to fill surveys and etc. After some time I realized that everything takes too much time and I don't earn almost anything.

Then I started looking for some other ways and read about passive income apps and tried some. For example, with Honeygain app I earn about 30$ a month with no effort. What I need to do is just to browse the Internet (watch movies, read articles or Youtube).

This option was idea to catch up some extra passive income without doing much. It's a nice combination together with part time job.

I shared my current passive "job" if you're looking for extra passive income, try it out. And if you have some secret easy ways to earn - let me know. Sharing is caring, guys. Time to time we all have difficult times so I believe that we should constantly search for new opportunities. Especially now, when you may earn just by being online. 
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