When I are traveling in Kenya,what is the security tips I must know?

When I are traveling in Kenya,what is the security tips I must know?I don't waste money on some tourist attractions ,I know some local people  around attractions alway try to trick tourists.
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it’s important to have a few numbers with you, in case of any emergencies. This becomes particularly important while you are travelling Kenya, as you won’t be connected to the Internet at all times. Therefore, make sure that you have all the numbers on your phone, laptop and written down somewhere. If you have kids, you’ll probably want to familiarise them and whoever else is traveling with you with the emergency numbers at the very least. Again, if you’re traveling out of the country, learn the process for dialing back to your home country before you leave.

As always, don’t use public Wi-Fi for payments or entering sites that require authorisation with your passwords and other credentials. Don’t even use hotel-room Wi-Fi unless it has a password, which would raise chances that it is encrypted.

Lastly, don’t put all your ‘eggs’ in one basket. And by eggs, we mean money. Bring along two or three or more credit or debit cards if you can, so if you lose or have to cancel one, then you have a backup plan. If you’re holding large amounts of cash, put it in the hotel safe (along with your passport unless you need it). Additionally, remember to keep all your personal devices, such as your laptop and mobile phone in the hotel safe as well.

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