What are the most common tools to sell my products in WeChat? Wechat mini program or wechat official account?

How to create an e-commerce store for my business? I have my own business and I wanna sell my products in the WeChat app. But I do not have a business license in mainland, China. Anyone have practical examples and methods?  How can I do WeChat marketing?  How to register and own a wechat store? Tutorial better.
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1. You can create Wechat official account , Wechat official account just like the Facebook official page. You can upload all your products or services one by one to your Wechat official account. Then your product name,product title, brand name, company name can be searchable in the Wechat app. You can also share your Wechat official account to Wechat groups. If you have a personal Wechat account instead of Wechat official account, your ads would be 100% banned by Wechat team. You have to follow the Wechat official docs and rules.
2. You can use the Wechat mini program to sell your product and built an e commerce store in Wechat.just like kfc restaurant and Tesla , just search Tesla in the Wechat search box. You will see the example.  
3. I can help you create a Wechat official account with an overseas license, if your business not in mainland, China. The service fee only $100.  I can also develop Wechat mini program with an Ecommerce shop for your business. Only $800.


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1. Develop HTML5 landing pages
With WeChat, it is possible to sell your products through the creation of landing pages in HTML5 within your official account, so as to offer users a personalized experience of the platform. Quick and easy to develop, this format is appropriate for short-term marketing actions or to promote a sub set of products. It can also be used for one-off promotions or even the launch of capsule wardrobes such as those of the Dior luxury brand in 2016.

2. Connect your shop JingDong to WeChat
On Wechat, it is also possible to integrate an existing JingDong (京东) shop within your official account. In doing so, the management of your sales and transactions are carried out directly by the intermediary of the JD.com platform. As for the JD web shop, it automatically adapts to mobile navigation needs, without need of further development.

While this online store allows you to get started quickly and take advantage of the Platform JD.com, the user experience is somewhat reduced given it is standardized and therefore less customizable.

3. Expand your e-commerce site

The WeChat social platform also gives you the possibility to integrate your e-commerce website via the APIs. If you want to choose this option, you need to make sure that you respect the following elements: the language, the currency, the mode of payment (WeChat Pay) and even adapt your mobile site…

4. Build your own store in Wechat

If you do not want to go through an intermediary online store such as JD, you also have the possibility to create your own web shop. Fully developed for WeChat navigation, this alternative offers the best experience for the users of the platform since it corresponds perfectly to the uses of WeChat. In terms of investment in development and integration, the amount will vary depending on the application.
PS: It is also possible for you to create a shop WeChat with Youzan, Weidian, or LeWaiMai.


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If you want to provide training, use xiaoetong(https://www.xiaoe-tech.com/
If you want to sell goods, use youzan(https://www.youzan.com/


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After a quick briefing about working on e-commerce market through WeChat we will now discuss the easy ways of selling on WeChat. As it has been noticed that WeChat has now launched an option which allows an easy access in making online payment. It has also been found that easy access had introduced to businesses based in China to reach their customers easily. According to this innovation, there are four easy ways that will help in selling of products on WeChat.

The most common and one of the easiest way to sell products on WeChat is to create a subscription account. Companies have the authority to launch this account by using a  wechat official tool https://mp.weixin.qq.com/?lang=en_US which has been designed by the team of WeChat specifically for this purpose. After the completion of this process, the company may start advertising itself and can present their products. To make the process of purchasing easier an e-commerce store has been linked with “Subscription account”. If a customer intends to buy a product by using this product, he is automatically redirected to the payment page. The one thing that is challenging for foreigners is they are not allowed to create their brand pages anywhere but China.


Another important way to attract a maximum number of customers besides selling and advertising is through upcoming promotions. Owners of restaurants, cafes and shops usually register their pages on WeChat which are meant for the posting promotional campaigns or sales. There comes a challenging task that it is really necessary to send promotion advertisement to a number of potential customers. In order to be updated about every promotion, the customer or WeChat user needs to follow the shop or restaurant page. Many cafes are efficient in sending the promotional campaigns that are going to be held in any area within a short period of time mostly in an hour so that their customers may stick to them and they don’t have to find services of any other shop or restaurant. Shops and restaurants increase their followers by offering customers a chance to follow them in the social network in order to update them with their promotions and sales. See Example of Success Stories



Some companies such as ONLY, Sephora and Xiaomi create their online shops in WeChat where they can easily sell their products directly. This option is available under “Service Accounts”. In order to get benefit from this option, the brand should maintain a good plan of building awareness and logistics capability. As a result of this opportunity the majority of products are being sold through WeChat and are rotating through different malls that are controlled by Tencent.


Another way of selling via WeChat is the traditional method known as “word of mouth”. Weidian and OKWei use to sell their products through a widely spread connections and networks. After the posting of information about a specific good to be sold, a promotional process has been started by a designed team meanwhile, that is quite similar to Amway model but the difference is that it is sold through online contact. They use to share their posts regarding the brand or goods on various networking pages which are meant to attract new customers and work on all possible connections. A person who is responsible for sharing a product online finally gets a reward in a form commission. (see Guide to understand Wechat)



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To sell your products with its users, WeChat has made two advertising formats available to sellers:
  • The advertising banners (or “Banners ads”), which are displayed at the bottom of the articles written by an official account WeChat. They are composed of a logo, an account name, a title and a “Call to Action”. When the user clicks on the banner, it is then redirected to a page with additional information on a brand or a product. Concerning the button “Call to Action”, it returns the user to a landing page. Invoiced on the basis of CPC, this format is preferred for long-term campaigns and for the purpose of acquiring new subscribers.

  • The Ads “Moments” (or ‘Events Ads”)that appear in the news-feed “Moment” of users of WeChat. Commonly used by advertisers, this format is invoiced as CPM and enables you to promote your brand. This advertising is composed of the brand name and a profile picture, a description of 40 characters in Chinese, a link to an HTML5 page and some photos (6 maximum) or videos.

WeChat indicates that the rate of interaction with an advertisement can climb to 10%, versus less than 1% on average in the West. As at today, advertising represents 20% of the revenues of the messaging platform. In addition to inform, entertain or even to mobilize its users, WeChat is also the ideal space to reach a new target



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After brands create their online stores, they can link it to their official accounts in the menu bar. If a consumer chooses to buy a product in the online store, they can click the menu bar linked to the external online store. In this way, customers can finish the whole purchasing process within WeChat, so that a higher conversion rate can be expected.

Today, you can build a well-designed WeChat store within 5 minutes using 3rd party WeChat e-commerce platforms. Most of these platforms offer multiple payment options, clean design. The 4 most popular 3rd party WeChat e-commerce platforms are Weidian, Youzan, JD.com and Lewaimai.

Weidian is the biggest free platform to create WeChat shops. Weidian enables companies to create stores connected to WeChat via WeChat login, payments and other WeChat social functions. As of early 2015, Weidian claimed that almost 30 million stores had been created on its platform.

Another way is wechat mini program:
You product brands can customize their mini-program stores in new ways that improve the customer experience and increase brand engagement. Just check the McDonald mini program.

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