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We are a The lemic group working the lesser and greater mysteries of the African tradition as these mysteries have been influenced by the Book of the Law.

We conjure, invoke, summon, predict, and heal whatever sickness without mistakes or repetitions. We also render divine advise in Business or any area that is of your interest that is confusing you.

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Give our power, knowledge and ability a try, and a trial will Undoubtedly convince u beyond believe. All you hear about us is true except bad ones.

We accept all traditions except those whose dogma teaches eternal damnation or the subjugation of women or other groups based on race or creed.

We are a society of individuals seeking to improve the planet by application of the principles propounded in the Book of the Law.
Our rites and lore are cumulative and lead gradually to the understanding and intelligent application of that which has been called the Great Secret:

Ebutalium is a great society with compassion to their sole admirer. We care for your desire and promise to elevate you from your present floor.

The ritual that we do involve healing, love, harmony, wealth, wisdom, prosperity, elevation in any positions and creativity. The potions that westir might be a headache remedy, a cold tonic, money spell, friendship oil, love casts, or an herbal flea bath for our pets. We strive to gain knowledge of and use the natural remedies and divine powers placed on this earth bythe Divine for our benefit instead of using synthetic drugs unless absolutely necessary or stealing, roberry, killing, persecutions to acquire Money, Fame, Love, earthly properties and happiness. We are saying no to that method of the other Dominated Religions.

Advancement in the Brotherhood’s degrees of wisdom and power can, however, translate into a virtual guarantee of lifetime security because you are building a power within yourself that can never be taken away. Success is not handed to anyone on a silver platter and only you can guarantee your future happiness.

Please Be Informed that Initiations and advancements are provided to those seeking the wisdom, empowerment and light of the classical African tradition through our fraternity. Our Order, remains true to the classical tradition. Our Order provides the sincere seeker the opportunity to become part of our fraternities, sanctuaries and temples in Nigeria, in Ghana. In addition, we provide astral initiations and advancements for those who seek the light for knowledge and spiritual, magical transformation but do not live by a temple.

All your life difficulties are a minor issue as long as you are a registered member in our great society which was founded by Mugard in 1996 to provide access to Ebutalium teachings, comfortableness to our people and religious services to sincere spiritual seekers in and around the world. This group won't restrict you from attending to your own religion, nor hold church services like other religion do. All we do is to give spiritual understandings, advice, solutions to problems to any of our own who seek for it on our own desirable time and date.

We also initiate into our bloodless Family Society called "EMT" which is pure and free from witchcraft or killings.

As a full initiate member, You stand to gain lots of benefits from your adventure into our world. Three days after initiation or acceptance, you will be given a gift of N30,000,000 for a start up.

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The Occult of Ebutalium is a spiritual lighten to the future of the unknown, of richest and success, don't live the life you can't control due to your inability of spirituality that sees beyond physical.

We are a group of strong brothers who came from different walks of life for the purpose of alleviating the sufferings of our people Ebutalium Brotherhood are most probably the most well known secret society in the world. For years the world economy has functioned on the premise: To get ahead you have to step on those around you. You are on your own, struggling to keep your head above water. This is what this gross misinformation with which we had been raised has led us to, to misery, uncaring and wanting. Secret Societies protect their members, protect what is dear and precious to them through secrecy, because if the rest find out, these sacred things including the truth will also be destroyed. we are here to protect you
if you so desire! we are here to lead you if you wish, your destiny is your hands you can take a move now.

Power,Glory and fame.
Desired by many but achieved by few. Only a Man/Woman with a WILL OF STEAL can walk through flames to achieve the desired outcome.

lean to see the light in darkness...
life cant be seen by the living but by the dead.
I want you to see Me but the more you look, the less you see...
if you want to lean, dont see with your eyes or hear with your ears...stand still and listen...listen to nothing, for in nothingness is a whole new life.
you look at me but you dont see me, in order to see me you must know me, in order to know me you must find me but you wont because I exist not.
I was never here...
I am nothing...
Message from the Lord.

The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic
IT is loftily amusing to the student of magical literature who is not quite a fool—and rare is such a combination!—to note the criticism directed by the Philistine against the citadel of his science. Truly since our childhood has ingrained into us not only literal belief in the Bible, but also substantial belief in Alf Laylah wa Laylah, and only adolescence can cure us, we are only too liable, in the rush and energy of dawning manhood, to overturn roughly and rashly both thes classics, to regard them both on the same level, as interesting documents from the standpoint of folk-lore and anthropology, and as nothing more.
Even when we learn that the Bible, by profound and minute study of the text, may be forced to yield up Qabalistic arcana of cosmic
scope and importance, we are too often slow to apply a similar restorative to the companion volume, even if we are the lucky holders
of Burton’s veritable edition.
To me, then, it remains to raise the Alf Laylah wa Laylah into its
proper place once more.
I am not concerned to deny the reality of all “magical” phenomena;
if they are illusions, they are at least as real as many unquestioned
facts of daily life; and, if we follow Herbert Spencer, they are at least
evidence of some cause.
Now, this fact is our base. What is the cause of my illusion of
seeing a spirit in the triangle of Art?
Every smatterer, every expert in psychology, will answer: “That cause lies in your brain.”

English children are taught (pace the Education Act) that the
Universe lies in infinite Space; Hindu children, in the Akaca, which is
the same thing.
Those Europeans who go a little deeper learn from Fichte, that the
phenomenal Universe is the creation of the Ego; Hindus, or
Europeans studying under Hindu Gurus, are told, that by Akaca is
mean the Chitakaca. The Chitakaca is situated in the “Third Eye,”
i.e., in the brain. By assuming higher dimensions of space, we can assimilate this face to Realism; but we have no need to take so much
This being true for the ordinary Universe, that all senimpressions are dependent on changes in the brain, we must include illusions, which are after all sense-impressions as much as “realities”
are, in the class of “phenomena dependent on brain-changes.”
Magical phenomna, however, come under a special sub-class, since
they are willed, and their cause is the series of “real” phenomena
called the operations of ceremonial Magic.
These consist of:
(1) Sight.
The circle, square, triangle, vessels, lamps, robes, imple-
ments, etc.
(2) Sound.
The invocations.
(3) Smell.
The perfumes.
(4) Taste.
The Sacraments.
(5) Touch.
As under (1)
(6) Mind.
The combination of all these and reflection on their
These unusual impressions (1-5) produce unusual brain-changes;
hence their summary (6) is of unusual kind. Its projection back into
the apparently phenomenal world is therefore unusual.
Herein then consists the reality of the operations and effects of
ceremonial magic, and I conceive that the apology is ample, so far as
the “effects” refer only to those phenomena which appear to the
magician himself,the appearance of the spirit, his conversation,
possible shocks from imprudence, and so on, even to ecstasy on the
one hand, and death or madness on the other.
Ebutalium Organization were formed in 1996 in Egor (Edo state of Nigeria) by a small group of individuals led by Chief Nana which was later nicked named by members as “Mugard” because of its esoteric teachings and principles. It was a period of hopelessness following the suffering of many people in Nigeria and other parts of the world because of lack of the knowledge of the spiritual world. It was formed with the spirit of uniting people of like-minds, for social interaction and spiritual growth. It was timely and it was well received because of it's founding principle of "be your brother's Keeper" embodied in it's motto: Peace and Abundance for All. Since the initial formation, the membership base has grown like wild fire. Operating as a Club to avoid misinterpretation from people whom may not have been adequately instructed spiritually. Ebutalium occult society as introduced online and style of admission has been imitated but seldom duplicated. Since the inception, there have been a rash of other groups, associations and Spiritual Organizations, that were formed to compete with Ebutalium Brotherhood, but non of them have been nearly as successful. This continual success and growth is credited to it's membership for their love, loyalty and dedication to the Founders and to this elite and powerful spiritual organization. Ebutalium Lodge, Chapter and office: Ebutalium temple of Nigeria operates a secret Lodge in Edo state of Nigeria and in New York City United States, where admission has been taking place until online admission process was introduced. Ebutalium occult Protocol: Perhaps more than anything else, it is what Ebutalium society of Nigeria from few other organization out there. It is what gives it, it's distinct flavor and elevates it above all other organization of its kind. Ebutalium secret occult code of conduct or protocol! Everything in Ebutalium temple follows a certain formality and etiquette. Ebutalium membership is about respect for each other, recognition for each other and adherence to a strict code of social ethics and decorum. Ebutalium occult is about class, elegance and nobility, in the pursuit of happiness. From the stringent process and difficult entrance of members, spiritual teachings arrangement, to the way they talk and when they talk, Ebutalium members exude enthusiasm, orderliness and discipline. They have a superior sense of hierarchy, procedure and comportment. Ebutalium temple do not use try and error spiritual principles. It must be done right. Joining the organization is a matter of determination and a will to success.

A Matter of Oath Breaking

Recently, Nick Ferrell wrote an article where he criticized the necessity for the oath of secrecy for Golden Dawn initiates. While I am not a Golden Dawn initiate, I do have some opinions about oaths of secrecy and confidentiality. I have also incorporated a kind of oath for members of my own order, but that oath is more engaged with confidentiality and ethics than actual secrecy. Still I can understand the need for such an oath as well as its limitations.

The Golden Dawn has been rife over the last century or more with various kinds of individual oath breakers. Certainly, Crowley could be considered one of the first, who published the Golden Dawn lore in his periodical “Equinox.” Then we have Israel Regardie, Dion Fortune, and a host of others. I have to admit that if these individuals had not circumvented their oaths, none of their writings about the Golden Dawn would have been produced. We would have known next to nothing about this secret organization and its precious lore, and there would have been a dearth of popular occultism, paganism, wicca and magick today. Some might have been quite happy if the occult explosion of the last hundred years had not occurred, but I can tell you that I would have been quite unhappy. In fact, the thought of not being an occultist and having my mono-mania of magick to pursue is quite daunting indeed. (Ha! Maybe I need to get a life and stop being such an occult nerd.)

So I can’t either blame or condemn any of these occultists for breaking their solemn oath to the egregore of the Order of the Golden Dawn, because I and many others profited from it. However, I can look at what motivated each of these individuals and determine what the driving force was that caused them to take this step. For all of the occultists except Crowley, the reason was selfless. They were driven by the desire to enlighten and inform the public. It doesn’t matter too much that the material was given out of context, since it did indeed inform and enlighten many individuals. In fact, it is probably what saved the Order from complete extinction, so perhaps the egregore of the Order was behind these illicit transmissions.

Crowley’s reason for publishing the Golden Dawn material was undoubtedly for pure spite. He despised Mathers and the other members of the Order. He also sought to abrogate the lore for his own personal magickal order, and he published some of Mather’s manuscripts and passed them off for his own work. However, Crowley also produced his own stellar work and had many great contributions to the study and practice of magick. However, his intentions were not selfless or positive, even though the final outcome did end up being good. I suspect that Crowley got to taste the full bitterness of his betrayal of a powerful order and its egregore, if we attribute his final days to that consequence. We can also just as well believe that Crowley was just being himself to the very end, brilliant, pathological, addicted, profoundly creative, notorious and controversial. Despite his final pitiful days, I think that Crowley would be pleased with the number of occultists today who read and study his works.

Other occultists have published Golden Dawn material - much of it has been in the public domain for quite some time, so I would assume that such material couldn’t be part of an oath of secrecy and confidentiality. So for this reason I couldn’t condemn someone like David Griffin for being an oath breaker. In fact, I am quite happy that many Golden Dawn initiates have written books for me to read and study. However, where I draw the line is the consideration of the author’s motive. Why are they writing about this material when it properly belongs to the Order of the Golden Dawn. Answering that question is very important, as I have already shown in the examples above. If the motive is a selfless desire to inform and enlighten the public, then it must be a positive development, perhaps one that the egregore has sanctioned itself in some manner. If not, then what is revealed is probably not only illicit but against the spirit of the organization.

Nick Ferrell has written a lengthy article that outlines what he thinks is invalid and wrong about the oath of secrecy in the Golden Dawn. There are things that he finds agreeable and things that he doesn’t agree with and feels should be changed. That is all well and good, and probably it would be better stated by someone who has never taken that oath than someone who has.

Say you take an oath. Later on you pick it apart to determine which sections are agreeable to you. Those you agree with, you follow, the rest you ignore. Does that make any sense at all? It seems kind of fast and loose to me. It’s almost like getting your driver’s license and then deciding which traffic laws are relevant and which ones can be broken. A lot of drivers get away with ignoring some traffic laws, like coming to complete stop at a stop sign, but sooner or later either a traffic cop or an accident will force them to change their mind.

I believe that if you make an oath, it doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is, or whether you can obey some parts of it and ignore others. If you don’t respect the oath as a whole, then picking it apart will only completely undo it. In other words, if you can’t respect any part of an oath, then you have no business taking it in the first place.

Confidentiality is, preeminently, the most important part of an oath. Yet confidentiality extends beyond just the names, addresses and personal characteristics of the members of the organization. It is also includes the daily business and personal interactions of the group, the magick they are jointly working, the rituals and lore that they use, group politics and interactions - all of this is strictly confidential. If materials are not already in the common domain, then they shouldn’t be published except without proper authorization from the organizational heads.

I wouldn’t like it if some clown in my local magickal temple decided to publish the group’s rituals and activities without telling the whole group about it and getting our consent. Maybe someone might have good reasons to publish confidential or unpublished information, but if their reasons are good and if they took an oath to retain all such information as confidential, then they need to ask permission and get approval. In our order, such approval is strictly limited to the local temple, and then it is by full consensus. These are matters of ethics, and anyone who is in a formal group should take them quite seriously.

Here is an example of the oath of ethics taken by an initiate of the first degree (Neophyte) in the Order of the Gnostic Star. I can share this information with you because it has been available on the internet for the past several years.

“I in the presence of the Lords of the Universe, who work in silence and whom none but silence can express, in this temple of the most high and holy Graal (Isis-Sophia). By the order E. S. S. G. do of my own free will solemnly promise to keep secret this order, its members, its rituals and proceedings. To undertake a benevolent revelation with all the fratres and sorores of this Order. To reveal to no one except the initiates of this order the rituals, ceremonies and documents of this order. That I shall never debase my mystical knowledge in the labor and service of negative magick at anytime nor under any temptation. If I should break this sacred vow, my soul stands before those powers conjured in this sacred place to judge my actions.”

Does taking this oath mean that the rituals and documents of the Order must remain inviolable secrets? No, actually, it doesn’t. It means that a member of a temple of the Order must keep in confidence all that occurs within it, to protect the members and the workings that they are undergoing. The rituals are not what is kept confidential - only the ritual lore of the temple. There is an important distinction here that should be understood. I usually make certain that prospective members understand the nuances of this oath, but often, I find such an explanation to be superfluous, since it’s so obvious what is being kept confidential.

Thus I would never take an oath that I didn’t wholly believe in and follow to the end, and I would obey an oath that I took to the fullest possible definition. This is what is expected of occultists, and there is an important reason for behaving in this manner. That reason is rather mysterious at first glance, but if you think about it, it becomes more evident. If you break your oath with a spiritual or magickal organization, then you set up a powerful wave of negativity, distrust and dissonance that has a subtle but powerful over-all impact. If it is egregious and based purely upon one’s own lust for power and self aggrandizement, then it will cause a permanent disconnect from the egregore of that organization.

Once such a breakage occurs, as a kind of willful sundering, then it becomes more difficult for any other doors or future possibilities to open for that person. If they have left a bad group, then there is no blame. If not, then they are culpable. If we consider that there are possible higher levels of spiritual and magickal development that are neither in print or held by any known organization, then its possible that such lore would be in the hands of individuals who have achieved the highest level of spiritual and magickal attainment in this world. These individuals would very likely judge an oath breaker as not trustworthy for the greater lore, thus he would be overlooked even if his achievements were monumental.

As far as the Golden Dawn is concerned, a branch or a temple may be bad or corrupt, however, the egregore is still a powerful and positive vehicle in the spiritual and magick world. An oath made in that temple is to the egregore, not to the temple hierarchy. Violations of that oath will be measured against the good and the harm that such an action has caused. The intent of the violation must also be weighed, and that should indicate whether someone meant to do it for the greater good, or did it for ego or spite.

Nick has bragged that when he published an ebook version of the Book of the Tombs, a document that hadn’t ever been published before, he managed to single handedly silence a dispute between two warring factions of the Order that were fighting over the disposition of the Vault of Adepti. The vault is a chamber device that is used in the inner order to conduct intensive forms of magick and initiation, which the document outlined in detail. Supposedly, the two groups then ceased their bickering when they managed to review the original dimensions and qualifications of the vault. Of course, that’s his opinion, we can just as easily assume that they were silenced by his audacity and outraged at his illicit actions.

I believe the real issue is Nick's cavalier attitude to the very organization that taught him magick and revealed to him the inner mysteries. What is Nick’s intention but his own self aggrandizement, which is in a word, “ego.” Nick seeks to make himself a great man at the expense of the egregore of the Order that took him into its bosom. That makes him not only an oath breaker, but a real blackguard as well. Nick seems to be ruled by his piratical rapaciousness for secret occult lore, which he turns around and publishes, all for the greater glory of himself. He seeks not to inform the general public, but instead to promote himself as an authority and a master of secrets. In declaring himself to be an oath breaker, he has shown the world that he can't be trusted, and has unwittingly slammed the door on any future transmission of even greater occult lore. Potential higher adepts would never consider him as a colleague, and who in their right mind would want to have that option negated?

I don’t feel impressed by what Nick has done, instead I feel sorry for him. Who could ever trust this man with their lore or their mysteries? However you attempt to spin this dilemma, an oath breaker is just that, an oath breaker. It’s someone who betrayed the trust that other individuals placed in them, all for the greater glory of themselves.

You are correct that the dicussion or debate silenced regarding the correct construction of the Vault after Nick Farrell profaned 'The Book of the Tomb'. I was shocked! One of the true jewels of the Traditon was suddenly profaned. Scholarly discussion went out through the window. I felt sad....and very hurt by his actions. I also felt (and still feel) guilt. Nick of course knows all this and even trows a pinch of salt into my wound. Everyone may read at his blog now that the actual fault was all mine from the very beginning.

The profanation aside, what also makes me irritated is that people has to attribute Nick when then distribute 'The Book of the Tomb' (as there are no other copies available beside some incomplete excerps in Regardie's 'The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic'). There's a number of people who could have done the same a long time ago, but haven't. Nick did, and I'm sure that you are correct in your assessment that he did it for his own self-aggrandisement. Personally I believe it is a self-embarrassment. Unforunately not only for him but for the entire Golden Dawn community. Little does Nick know that the Golden Dawn community is silently watched by the key holders to the highest alchemical mysteries. The solidity of the Golden Dawn Traditon is effectively compromised by his and other profaners actions. Like you say, how can the guardians of the true mysteries trust a Golden Dawn initiate now?

I suppose you are aware that Nick Farrell plans to publish the entire corpus of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, including its initiation rituals? Then he will suddenly also have the copyright to that material, although there is a Order today who has performed it regularily for almost two decades now. How is that for a grand scheme? I call it a hijack of an entire egregore.

Now Nick justifies that anyone can access that material (which he claims is from 1910) in a library. So what? How many individuals has actually seen these papers outside of the Order (or Adept) who wrote them? Nick is probably the first occultist who has. He calls this "public domain". Really? O.k. I call it "rationalization" (a Freudian concept btw Nick).

Thank's again Fra. Barrabbas for your valuabe input.
The Ebutalium Brotherhood offers wealth, fame, power, protection, knowledge And any other thing you wish for. Including a tax free life, free medical attention, a free pass to travel around the world like every other member, emotional and creative lectures, to improve your mind.
We have been doing this for years.We watches everything nothing is hidden from us.We are everywhere, We have members all over the world, we rule this world Throughout our organization’s history, many citizens have inaccurately portrayed us in a negative manner.
These misconceptions have been perpetuated for centuries through videos, photos, articles, books, and unofficial online resources claiming to understand our mission and members.
In creating this online destination, we hope to alleviate the concerns voiced by your governments and people and seek to provide insight into our goals. We invite you, the human citizens, to discover more about our organization and to understand your role in this planetary union because the establishment of the new world order is about to begin, that is why we are giving the this equal opportunity to everyone who is interested in joining our organization. Are you a POLITIWCIAN, ENGINEER, FASHION DESIGNER, ATHLETE,
If you are interested, kindly call +234 8050325488

We are a group of strong brothers who came from different walks of life for the purpose of alleviating the sufferings of our people Ebutalium Brotherhood are most probably the most well known secret society in Africa. For years the world economy has functioned on the premise: To get ahead you have to step on those around you. You are on your own, struggling to keep your head above water. This is what this gross misinformation with which we had been raised has led us to, to misery, uncaring and wanting. Secret Societies protect their members, protect what is there and precious to them through secrecy, because if the rest find out, these sacred things including the truth will also be destroyed. we are here to protect you if you so desire!


Meditate : to focus one's thoughts on : reflect on or ponder over.

Meditation is not as easy as one might think. The hardest part of all is learning to clear your mind of all unwanted thoughts. Have you ever tried to completely clear your mindand thinking of absolutely nothing? For most people it isalmost impossible to do, butit can be done, and I will show you.

1: First I want you to learn the most popular meditating position used for centuries. It is called the Lotus Position or Posture, "Padma-asana" . If you look at the picture above you will see "Lord Shiva" in the Lotus position. Simply sit on the floor ( I suggest you use a comfortable rug or large pillow under you ) cross your legs with your feetover top of your calves and place both hands on your knees. This may feel a little awkward at first but you will become accustom to it after afew times of practice and stretching. You might also want to do some stretching exercises before trying any of this, it will help your body to relax and you will respond to meditation much better.

2: Now that you have learned the Lotus position, it is time to set the atmosphere, you know, set the mood for meditation. You will need some candles or just one candle will do, preferably white. Light the candle and turn off the lights. Now we will need to light some incense! The best you will ever want to get and it is the most used is, "Nag Champa" it is in a blue box and you willfind it most any place that sells incense. Do not use someother cheap crap that smells like perfume or crap that you buy at a convenience store, it will only irritate your senses, thus making meditation impossible. I am telling you, get "Nag Champa" and you will thank me. Now we may ant to add one more thing, New Age music. All these combined things will set the mood for meditation.

3: Here comes the hardest part, Clear your mind of all thoughts. How do you do this?, simply imagine a big Dumpster or a very large metal box on your mental screen. Then see it open and put all your thoughts and worries in it one by one, bills, your love life, problems, your children, your job, everything you can think of. Then close the lid and lock it! Then push it off your mental screen. If this does not work for you the first time, simply try again the next day, it will work foryou.

4: Now that you have set the mood, cleared your mind and you are in the lotus position, you are ready to begin meditating. What do you do next? Well now that your mind is clear you can choose from two types of scenarios. Iwill add more soon.

1. Note: make sure you will not be disturbed while doing meditation. Turn off the phone and if anyone lives with you tell them to leave you alone!

Scenario 1:

This meditation is simply doing nothing and thinking of nothing. Simply sit there after clearing your mind and continue to think of nothing. After awhile you may have some visions or a symbol appear to you mental screen. You may hear an inner voice which isGod within speaking to you, so listen carefully to your message.

The first thing you need is Knowledge.
The second thing you need is Protection.

When you decide to summon a ghost or spirit, you must not only have an open mind and an open heart, you must also ask yourself if the person you wish to contact wants to be summoned. Perhaps they don't.
If that's the case, you might wind up facing a very angry spirit or ghost. Take for instance, Saul who sought out the Witch of Ed om to summon the spirit of Samuel. She succeeded!
Samuel was not pleased however, and asked, "Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?"
Saul explained his dilemma, but Samuel wouldn't have it. Not only that, he told Saul that Israel would be given over into the hands of their enemies and then said that Saul and his sons would all join him the next day.
He wasn't talking about a tailgate party, either!

However, there are many books and scrolls on how to summon spirits. We have then all for self practice.

Remember, as far as I know or you know, you have no way of knowing who or what will answer your summons.
You will need to protect yourself and you will need to know how to control what has been summoned.
If you aren't careful, you could find yourself falling victim to psychic attack or even Possession.
The final result depends on many determining factors.

If anything bad happens to you as a result of your summoning, we would all like to read about it,
but don't come whining' to us. You've been warned.

We are the first above-ground organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man’s true nature—that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos which is permeated and motivated by the Dark Force which we call Satan.
Over the course of time, Man has called this Force by many names, and it has been reviled by those whose very nature causes them to be separate from this fountainhead of existence. They live in obsessive envy of we who exist by flowing naturally with the dread Prince of Darkness. It is for this reason that individuals who resonate with Satan have always been an alien elite, often outsiders in cultures whose masses pursue solace in an external deity.

We magicians are our own gods, and we are the explorers of the Left-Hand Path. We do not bow down before the myths and fictions of the desiccated spiritual followers of the Right-Hand Path. Today, we continue to uphold our legacy by building on the solid foundation created by The Lord Shanga, and set forth in his writings, recordings, and videos. Since we were the first organization dedicated to him, we have had extensive media coverage and been referred to by several names over the course of over four decades:

Ebutalium temple, is the first occult temple in Africa, before occult temple all over African today and the world, yet we maintain the simplest and boldest moniker, embodied.
years back i was like you, seeking the unknown. finally it came to me and consumed me. what you seek is no joke dear. you are about to become a part of a DARK WORLD that knows no rules other than "WILL". you think you need this, you think you are ready but i tell you, no one is equipped to face the unknown for it is older than time. CHOOSE WISELY YOUR NEXT STEP!

Join the Ebutalium occult society for fortune, progress sucess in business, promotion in your office and many more. It's a promise if you can really get yourself involve in this Kingdom what ever that is your heart desire must be granted onto you, you will be among the people that maters in this world.

This is your time to make your family proud and be happy again in life don't miss this opportunity because it only comes but once we are here to build your future and make your dreams come true and note that poverty is like a motor without engine which is like a disease in human life and you have to be aware that nothing good comes easily make your decision today and change your life, we are known as the Great Ebutalium Brotherhood high temple in Edo state, and we look forward to welcome you into our kingdom of wealth and power where dreams are archived to join.

For those of you who were raised in Christian homes, or were atheists, this intensity of spirituality may be believing there is no other way to success accept Christianity, but that is a big lie. believe me Ebutalium secret occult lead to success without human sacrifice or evil rituals.

Unfortunately, the Christian Church has prevented many in the way of freedom of the press and free speech, especially for those of the left hand path over the years. Some pastors is the major threat to many who wish to retain control, riches and spiritual powers as for our family this riches and powers is in the hands of the common man. Your wealth is in your arms and your progress is in your palms.

Occult has been deliberately suppressed and followers have been severely persecuted. Some fake religions have been free to promote their own lies and horror stories about occult.
Most right hand path religions are based upon stolen and false practices.

As to those Christians who pray and keep praying with no answers, Ebutalium family get instant answers and I don't mean twenty years later, but instantly!

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There exist a world where the sun never shines. A world known to be the home of the lost loved ones. A world that can be accessed but not escapable. This is the world I was born into. My world is dead, and all my friends are immortals, Traveling through time in search of the only thing you truly own.

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The Ebutalium secret occult members worldwide as people who have seen the light, we are the light of the world and our practice are transparent. Ebutalium Occult is our native culture which is even supported by some Bible version and Quran. On the recent developments in Ebutalium Occult to the good leadership quality and The Paramount Ruler of the Ebutalium brotherhood Fraternity Worldwide, and other Supreme Executives for their interest to promote our forefathers culture.

We call on countries, London,African, Nigeria,Ghana,south africa and all over the world to embrace a meaningful transition with one mind, to serve lord of Ebutalium group in truth and in spirit. It is high time for African and all over the world to embrace Ebutalium brotherhood Occult, because our Occult cares for all members and other individuals. The era when people practice occult society the way it pleases them has gone. Civilization has been introduced to the fraternity but truth, justice, peace, fairness and discipline being practiced did not change.

However, we called on World to embrace peoples Ebutalium  brotherhood as the only Occult that can save us from our present predicaments. He described Christianity and Islam as foreign religions that have nothing to offer.

Ebutalium occult have always been both venerated and feared throughout the world, but perhaps none so much as  in Hindu, Tantric and African traditions. What are the Naga? They are the Lords of ancient times, more akin to the Orishas of Santeria than to the remote gods of Olympus. And, like the Orishas, they are far more accessible. magic is more than a mythic and historical account of the Naga. It is also a 'Grimoire' of practical and spiritual rituals. spirits are seen everywhere in African iconography and practices, but because of the extremely ancient and 'grass roots' origin of their worship, they are only rarely mentioned in traditional religious texts. This parallels the prehistoric worship of similar spirits across the ancient world in many places under many names. In most Eastern and Western animist or African traditions,demigods are positive beings manifesting as spiritual guardians. Often these spirits are associated with springs, rivers, lakes and oceans as well as the numinous chthonian world below, as are the Ebutalium secret occult. wisdom has the power to enlighten us about the ancient, often forgotten spirits, their magick rituals and their place in helping us to heal Nature. Whether you wish to learn the history and mythos of the Spirits, or if you wish to work directly with these luminous beings,  Magic provides unique access to the power and wisdom of the  Lords. PEOPLES CLUB  Magick includes many Illustrations and an extensive Glossary.
Do you want to have a Super-Power, riches, wealth and protection, what Super-Power would you want to have? What propels you, what propels us all to consider greater limitlessness, whether for ourselves or humanity, and beyond, at large?
Longing for infinity is at the core of every living being, constant from their, from our inception into life, into the Universe, to our greatest fulfillment, constant right along with our pursuit of happiness. Going beyond what we have become, reaching from where we are towards greater subtleties is innate with all beings, and having attained human form, we have extraordinarily greater potentiality, and capabilities to actualize, magnificent thresholds of being, both physically and especially internally, psychically.
 Ebutalium occult powers are imaginable because, for the most part, they are achievable. We imagine them because the capability for achieving them, the architecture of their potentiality is awake within our being, our pursuit of infinity awakening us to such capabilities. Living in an extremely materialistic era, more often than not we invent machines to do what we can also do psychically, When we are deeply and constantly in love with someone, we also remote view their well being when we are physically away or perceive foreshadowing of possible events regarding ourselves or our loved ones.

Do you want wealth.?
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What are the Ebutalium Occult Powers?
1)- ability to become very little, to reduce the vibration of the mind to penetrate an atom and know the secrets of subatomic structure.
 Ebutalium occult reducing one's psychic existence into a small point and then transforming it into a minimum entity. One may understand anything and everything by entering into each and every physical particle and becoming one with the different waves of expressions and emanations, by dancing with the waves of objects and ideas. This occult power acquired through positive microvita is called an'ima'. The only way to understand these subtle entities is to increase one's powers of perception through spiritual practices.

2) Ebutalium Occult' -- ability to become very great, more immense than anything in this expressed uni verse, including the universe itself.
Mahima' means vastness. With the help of positive microvita, the mind can expand to become vast, superlatively vast. Its radius may encompass the entire universe and so we acquire ideas about many different subjects without reading books. In this way, too, we may feel our oneness with the varied entities of this universe -- unity in variety, unity in diversity. By associating our benevolent thoughts with each and every entity, we will contribute to universal progress and prosperity.

3) Laghima' -- ability to become very light, to walk on water, to think oneself anywhere in the universe. Achieved by controlling the psychic centre between the man'ipu'ra and ana'hata cakras, controlling the combination of fire and air.
Laghima' makes the mind light, free from the bondage of so many liabilities. This carefree mind, freed from so many fetters and bondages, can understand and think clearly. So by dint of this occult power, one may understand any idea, subtle or crude, abstract or concrete. Unless you understand how much pain and sorrow is accumulated in other's minds, how many tears well up in their eyes, and anguish in their hearts, you cannot completely alleviate their sorrows and sufferings. Through laghima, your own mind becomes unburdened so you can clearly appreciate and respect others' lives.

4) Pra'pti -- ability to get or create whatever is desired; whatever is thought is immedi ately materialized.
Pra'pti means helping oneself and helping the souls of so many people to acquire and be benefited by the grace of the Supreme Consciousness.

5) Iishitva -- ruling capacity, ability to understand all the entities of the universe, to direct and witness their actions. Achieved by controlling the upper portion of vishuddha cakra.
Iishitva – Iish means to guide and administer. Iishitva enables the spiritual aspirant to guide other people who suffer from different causes. So many people in this world are crying in pain and agony. So many miseries and afflictions paralyse both physically and mentally. lishitva enables one to correctly lead afflicted humanity to their physical progress and psychic well-being.

6) Vashitva
ability to bring under control, to unify forces, to create new life, to make the dead rise. Achieved by controlling the upper portion of a'jina' cakra.
Vashitva means to keep everything under control and properly regulated for the welfare of all beings. In order to bring people goaded by defective ideas to the path of optimal greatness, vashitva is necessary. If people work haphazardly and do not follow conscientious path, they cannot be expected to establish a state of welfare for all. So if you really want to help people, you will have to inspire and influence them in a positive way, and then direct them along the right path to their goal.

7)Praka'myam -- ability to take the form of anything. Achieved by controlling the psychic center just below a'jina' cakra.
Praka'mya means the ability to accomplish whatever one desires, to translate wish into reality disposed to promote universal welfare, to bring light to the entire universe. Through this occult power, spiritual aspirants acquire the capacity to serve the entire world.

8) ability to see into the inner nature of any entity; penetrating vision.
Antarya'mitva is to enter the ectoplasmic or endoplasmic structure of others and thereby to know their pain and pleasures, their hopes, aspirations and longings and to guide them properly. It is somewhat like transmigration of the soul. Regarding this occult power, spiritual cult alone will not suffice -- it requires the special grace of Parama Purusa. He usually does not give this power to sadhakas because if they do not possess universal love, it can be abused for personal gains. Baba explained that this power makes the mind so subtle that it can enter the intra- and inter-ectoplasmic mind stuff of every individual as well as the collective human society.
Some subordinate siddhis, many of which are within one or more of the above characteristics, include
Door Sharavan, remote audience, to hear from YOU
Door Darshan, remote viewing, to see from afar
Manoveg, travel fast as thought
Kaamroop, assume any desired you wish
Parkaayi Parvesh, to enter into another's body
Sai Maritayaa, to live at one's own will
Surkareeraa, to enjoy wealth and riches (devayonis
Sankalap Siddhi, the fulfillment of desires
Apratihat Gat, to go anywhere unobstructed

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