What makes you a junior web developer or Jr software engineer?

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wow..I am more than comfortable with HTML and CSS and understand JavaScript and jQuery and yet for some reason I don't get a courage to apply for a job because of all these information out there about all the new Frameworks and techniques that makes you feel like you know nothing even though you know more than what an average junior developer knows... good luck to you in future and hopefully I get a job soon


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I've been doing web dev on and off for about 2 years not really going all the way with it because I always thought it was going to take years to learn and even start applying to jobs. That's awesome you got hired being so new at it. Your story is a lot like mine in that I too am also working a really dead end job in cust service. I hate it and I've always wanted a job as a web developer. 


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Web development is not about languages and code - you need to be creative and have an insight into business also - there are too many code jockies who are into 'cool design' and they give their customers the generic cool web site-SEO has to be considered, as in syndicating the website all over the business niche online - in fact you can learn a few frameworks and produce much better sites than these re-inventing the wheel code sites.

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